Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Student project


Larisa, Greece




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Olive oil refers to a Linear B sign from Knossos as erawon (έλαιον - eleon) and to others with a special ideogram. Based on these historical data is the name of the company (Eleon).

For the design of the logo, I relied on the simplest and most perfect geometric shape, which is none other than the Circle, which represents perfection and completion. As for the mark, it consists of the olive fruit, on an olive tree and all this in a simplified and stylized circle.

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Logo design for greek extra virgin olive oil at Olympous of Greece by souliosdesign
Bussines card design for eleon by souliosdesign
Envelope design by souliosdesign
etairiki mockup_01.2.1.png
eleon-parousiasi behance11.jpg
Packaging brand design for eleon premium extra virgin olive oil from Greece, by souliosdesign
Brochure design for eleon organic by souliosdesign
Brochure design for eleon ultra by soulios design
Brochure design for eleon gold by souliosdesign